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High-temperature anti-seize grease ET ANTISEIZE PASTE 1

U.LUBE ET ANTISEIZE PASTE 1 is an anti-seize grease with good resistance to high temperatures, up to 1100°C under isolated air conditions. The product also has good anti-corrosion ability and electrical conductivity, even under corrosive conditions, it can play an effective role in protecting nuts, bolts, threaded joints, etc. from corrosion, seizure, spalling, etc.

Application introduction
Recommended for nuts, bolts, and other threaded connections, also can be used for cylinder bolts, injection nozzle bolts, metallurgical, chemical threads and other threaded connections that require high temperature to prevent jamming resulting in difficult disassembly conditions. Applicable working temperature range: -15~140℃

High temperature synthetic oil paste ET RCP PASTE

U.LUBE ET RCP PASTE is a high temperature synthetic grease made from high performance synthetic base oil and high temperature resistant solid lubricant. The product can be used as assembly grease at room temperature and is a high pressure resistant lubricant with excellent adhesion performance. At high temperatures, the solid lubricant is well maintained on the wear contact surface, preventing seizure and material migration.

Application introduction
Recommended for lubrication of threads, hinges, bushings, slow speed bearings and sliding surfaces at extreme temperatures. It can also be used for lubrication and assembly of high temperature parts. Operating temperature -25~600℃

High temperature lubricating rod MagN 34S

U.LUBE MagN 34S is a stick lubricant with organic thickener and special synthetic oil. Rich in graphite solid lubricant, it has good high temperature resistance and lubricating properties.

Application introduction
Suitable for contact with steam, dilute acid, dilute alkali and high temperature, high pressure, corrosive environment of the lubricated surface, the use of temperature up to 400 ℃.