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VMAXX open gear automatic spray lubrication system

Open gear spray lubrication system has been widely used for lubrication and cooling of large open gear subs in power plants, mines, cement, paper making and other equipment. For example: ball mill, rotary kiln, dryer, etc. By using this system, it can improve the life of large, heavy-duty open gears, reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs.

Separate, Single Line, Double Line
Application introduction
Lubrication and cooling of large open gears in power plants, mines, cement, paper making equipment, such as ball mills, rotary kilns, dryers, etc.

Protective roller press centralized lubrication system

VMAXX bearing centralized lubrication system is the intelligent lubrication controller of VELUMER to lubricate the bearings, slides and rails of large equipment at regular intervals and in quantitative quantities. Equipped with large compression ratio pneumatic pump and progressive distributor, it is easy to use, simple to maintain, and gives good protection to the equipment.

Application introduction
Suitable for cement, mining and other industries

Oil and gas injection intelligent lubrication system

Microcomputer spray point chain lubrication device is a special equipment for automatic oil spray lubrication of moving chains; the control system can instantaneously sense the moving position of the chain and spray the precisely measured lubricant to the part of the chain that needs lubrication, while keeping it clean outside the chain to avoid environmental pollution. It can adapt to chain speed 0-20m/min; equipped with precision atomizer and adjustable double quality nozzle, which can effectively reduce the invalid loss of lubricant up to 60% and prevent the accident caused by over-lubrication or environmental pollution.

Application introduction
WT type suspension chain/light closed rail suspension chain, floor chain/plate chain/sleeve roller chain/automotive/motorcycle factory/steel factory/electroplating factory production line/household appliances and other production enterprises

Single Point Smart Grease Filler

The VMAXX150 and 250 grease dispensers are battery-operated, hand-pull code adjustable grease cups that can be used repeatedly. The standard grease filler is a battery-packed empty grease cup.

Application introduction
It can be used in a variety of industries, mainly in places where the working environment is narrow, where it can only be installed from a distance, where high differential pressure is likely to occur frequently, and where huge vibrations are likely to occur, and where it is not suitable to use the previous gas type products, and all industrial bearings that need grease filling.

VMAXX Pneumatic Grease Pump

The VAP-50940 is a pneumatic grease pump that benefits from a compact design, faster speed, efficient flow and good stability, making it the choice for long distance and high flow delivery.

Application introduction
The main applications are the lubrication of industrial equipment, as well as lubrication stations and quick lubrication centers.

Metalworking fluid purification and treatment equipment VM-JS001

Using the physical characteristics of oil and water density difference and incompatibility, combined with modern technology, the floating oil on the surface of water-based cutting fluid is effectively removed, and reasonably equipped with ozone sterilization technology to sterilize and deodorize. Together with the filter cartridge, the cutting fluid can be regenerated and used for scientific management.

Application introduction
It can remove more than 98% of the floating oil on the surface of cutting fluid; it can remove the particles larger than 10um suspended in the cutting fluid, and the cartridge can be cleaned and used again; it can effectively kill the mold in the liquid and can deodorize effectively.

Steel wire rope cleaning and lubrication maintenance device

The use of high pressure will be quantitative injection of grease to the surface and core of the wire rope needing maintenance, can extend the service life of the wire rope. It is often applied to the use of large force, serious wear and tear, high cost, inconvenient replacement, etc., while saving a lot of costs and improving work efficiency.

Application introduction
Wire ropes for ports, steel mills, etc.

Bottom cutting filter VM-JS002

The general machining center sink has its effective volume, but due to the different conditions of processing objects, resulting in the sink deposits affect the effective volume, which leads to the wear and tear of the processing equipment, how to effectively remove the slag without stopping the processing, using the principle of primary filtration of this equipment will be able to achieve effective problem solving, and also improve the equipment cranking rate.

Application introduction
Clean the iron filings from the water tank