Est 1992

U.LUBE's Story

U.LUBE® is committed to the design of efficient lubricants to professionally improve efficiency.

U.LUBE®, which was registered in 2001 by SHUNYI DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.ZHUHAI S.E.Z. founded in 1992. is dedicated to the design and production of high-performance and high-quality lubricants, to provide users with professional lubrication solutions, to provide customized special lubrication products for the market.

  • Growth history of U.LUBE®
  • Zhuhai ShunYi Group was founded in 1992
  • U.LUBE® trademark registered in 2001
  • U.LUBE® officially operated in 2014
  • Launch of U.LUBE® ET series lubricants in 2018



Checked equipment


U.LUBE has been recommended by many OEM manufacturers of machinery and equipment

Based on the international advanced design ideas and rich field practice experience, and according to the special needs of users, U.LUBE® is committed to research and development and production of lubrication products especially providing professional, reliable, pragmatic and efficient product support and technical services for customers in mining, cement, steel, power, chemical, port and other industries, and have been recommended by many machinery and equipment OEM manufacturers, such as: CITIC HMC, JIANGSU PENGFEI, SINOMALY, Nanjing Kisen, Chengdu Guanghua, Changsha Jianren, CECO ZHONGLI, Sichuan Mining Group, Yantai Jinyuan MMC and so on.

Over 30 years of lubrication service experience

U.LUBE® with more than 30 years of lubrication experience and professional knowledge, has a professional service team of 400 tenical engineers, from the lubrication product design, production, recommendation, application, improvement and other levels, to provide users with continuous improvement of product experience.

U.LUBE® has more than 40 branches in China, its distribution channels and technical service engineers can quickly and easily provide products and on-site support service. With the continuous progress of the level of industrial equipment, U.LUBE® is making continuous efforts to enhance the professional service force for the high-end field of industrial lubrication.

On-site research

Investigate the lubrication condition of the equipment and the working condition of the site by using tools such as thermal imager, vibration meter, stroboscope, camera, etc.

Improvement program

According to the field research situation to write equipment lubrication improvement plan, in order to help enterprise customers to solve the problem, to protect the production line

Training Seminar

Share knowledge and concepts of equipment lubrication management with customers through training sessions and seminars

Oil Testing

Provide oil inspection for customers and issue inspection reports

Our Technical Service Team

U.LUBE® has more than 40 branches in China, its distribution channels and technical service engineers can quickly and easily provide products and on-site support service.

Roller press lubrication test

U.LUBE team

U.LUBE team conducts U.LUBE lubricant test for cement plant customer's roller press

Rotary kiln vibration detection

U.LUBE team

U.LUBE team performs vibration testing for rotary kiln in cement plant

Automatic lubrication system commissioning

U.LUBE team

The U.LUBE team installed and commissioned an automatic lubrication system for the mill open gears.

Mill Equipment Inspection

U.LUBE team

The U.LUBE team uses thermal imaging and stroboscopy to inspect the mill equipment

Metalworking fluid change

U.LUBE team

U.LUBE team changed the metalworking fluid for the machine

Lubrication system installation

U.LUBE team

U.LUBE team successfully installed open gear automatic lubrication system for thermal power plant mill