Lubrication solutions for cement industry

We provide tailor-made lubrication materials and on-site services for domestic and global industrial equipment.

U.LUBE provides strong service guarantee for industrial equipment running condition with the professional service mode of specialist doctor. Our products and services are mainly for chemical, electric power, mining, cement, building materials, metallurgy, wharf, paper and other industries, not only to provide the market with high-quality products, but also to provide customers with customized systemic lubrication solutions and professional on-site services.

1-Lubrication of large girth gears

Girth gear transmission is a common transmission method in the raw material processing industry, widely used in large equipment in the electric power, mining, cement, steel, chemical and paper industries. In the cement industry, rotary kiln and steel ball mill and other equipment using girth gear transmission.

The main features of girth gear transmission are: heavy load, low speed, large structure size and high tooth surface roughness, harsh working conditions (such as dust, high temperature, etc.), tooth surface under high stress, in addition to rolling friction in the knuckle position, there is also a lot of sliding friction in the process of its meshing, girth gears are often in a mixed friction state (start, stop instant, excessive shear, impact load, etc.). Therefore, a suitable adhesive lubricant is needed.

Adhesive lubricant should have suitable viscosity base oil, but also have suitable proportion of pressure (EP) additives and solid additives with laminar dotted crystal structure (for example: graphite), as well as suitable thickener and some other special additives, so as to meet the comprehensive requirements of fluid lubrication and boundary lubrication as well as emergency lubrication.

To ensure that open gears obtain good load carrying capacity and smooth transmission, the correct machining and manufacturing of gears, the accurate alignment of the transmission (end jump, diameter jump, tooth top clearance, tooth side clearance, etc.), the correct implementation of a series of work procedures for initial, break-in and operational lubrication systems, the selection of suitable high adhesion lubricants and reasonable lubrication methods are all indispensable factors.

Good load transmission means that the stress is evenly distributed over the entire tooth surface, but for open gearing it is difficult to achieve this ideal condition even with the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques and the most rigorous alignment procedures. Uneven load distribution can lead to damage such as scuffing, wear, plastic deformation, pitting and even tooth breakage on tooth surfaces under severe operating conditions. Users can effectively reduce these damages by selecting suitable adhesive lubricants and reasonable lubrication methods, thus extending equipment life.

Plastic deformation
Pitting / Spalling
Fatigue cracking
/ broken tooth
Good lubrication

# Girth gear lubrication system U.LUBE ET G-OG, O-OG

In order to meet the above-mentioned operating characteristics of open gears, U.LUBE technicians have developed the corresponding professional lubricants to provide comprehensive lubrication protection. We have developed a complete series of lubrication system for different application stages of girth gears - initial stage - primer coating lubrication, trial runing stage - running-in lubrication, operation stage - operation lubrication, and heavy damage tooth surface - special restorer, etc. These products are suitable for various lubrication forms such as automatic spraying system, splash lubrication, immersion bath lubrication, and mixed lubrication (splash + immersion bath).

# Open gear lubrication service

2 - Lubrication of rotary kiln wheel belt

Normally, there is a difference in thermal expansion rate and rigidity between the kiln body and the wheel belt of rotary kiln, so the inner diameter of the wheel belt is designed in advance to be larger than the outer diameter of the kiln body. In this way, the contact surface between the pad and the wheel belt produces rolling displacement during rotation, and the normal amount of rolling displacement is related to the diameter difference between the kiln body and the wheel belt.

# Operation method

3-Pallets & Retainer Bearings

4-Raw Material Crusher

5-Anti-seize grease

6-Roller press roller bearing lubrication

As an energy-saving grinding equipment, roller press is widely used in cement industry and other industries for grinding materials, and it is recognized as an advanced grinding equipment in the world for its remarkable advantages of energy saving and production increase.

U.LUBE special grease for roller press bearing meets the requirements of Chengdu LEE JUN, CITICHMC, PENGFEI, TCDRI, HCDRI, HAIJIAN, KHD.HUMBOLDT WEDAG, POLYSIUS, F.L.SMIDTH, Outotec, KÖppern, Metso and other lubrication technology requirements.

7-Lubrication of vertical mills

8 - Lubrication of the powder concentrator

9-Lubrication of grate cooler and clinker powder crusher

10 - Lubrication of gears of reducers

11-Lubrication of steel wire ropes

12-Lubrication of Air Compressors

Please consult your local operation service provider for specific services.

13 - Automatic lubrication system for roller presses

14-Automatic lubrication spraying system for open gears