U.LUBE Steel Metallurgy Lubrication Solutions

U.LUBE offers tailor-made solutions

China has become the world's biggest steel country, but not a steel power country, there is still a considerable gap from the steel power. Equipment maintenance costs are high, high energy consumption, short life of key components, poor reliability, the promotion of reasonable lubrication technology in the steel industry is increasingly important. Lubrication technology for the steel industry equipment energy saving, life and reliability has an important impact. Through the application of reasonable lubrication technology in the maintenance of specific equipment, a rough estimate, the annual economic benefits can be obtained nearly 560 billion RMB.

Steel industry energy consumption, high equipment maintenance costs, spare parts and lubricant (grease) costs are huge, involving a large number of mechanical equipment, such as mills, rotary kilns, continuous casting machines, rolling mills and other heavy equipment and bearings, gears and other high-load transmission components. Steel industry lubrication conditions are also harsh and complex, the use of conventional lubrication technology and lubrication products, easy to cause lubrication failure and equipment failure, resulting in increased equipment costs. In today's equipment repair and maintenance process, reasonable lubrication technology has highlighted its vitality.

U.LUBE (industrial special lubricants) in China has been committed to promoting reasonable lubrication technology, advocating the concept of reasonable lubrication, providing reasonable lubrication technology services, and can provide tailor-made reasonable lubrication solutions according to the characteristics of the enterprise's equipment.

1-U.LUBE operation team provides professional and reasonable lubrication

technology service Quality, professionalism, service and integrity

2- Ore processing

3 - Coking equipment

4 - Pelletizing equipment

5-Sintering equipment

6 - Blast furnace iron making equipment

7-Melting furnace steelmaking equipment

8 - Steelmaking continuous casting equipment

9-Hot rolling steel equipment

10-Cold Rolled Steel Equipment

11 - Lubrication of main components in steel profile plants

For other equipment in the steel industry, U.LUBE also has a wide range of products to choose, please contact your local operation service provider if you need.

12-Lubrication of steel wire ropes

13-Anti-seize grease

14 - Automatic lubrication system for high-pressure roller mill

15-Automatic lubrication spraying system for open gears

16-Automatic grease filler (automatic lubrication tool for steel industry)

It provides a set of easy and efficient lubrication solutions for equipment managers to facilitate the establishment and execution of standardized lubrication maintenance by managers to improve the effectiveness of equipment lubrication management with lower maintenance costs.

VMAXX automatic greaser is more scientific, reliable, accurate and economical than the traditional manual greasing method, eliminating equipment failures caused by incorrect or insufficient lubrication and external contamination, extending equipment life, reducing labor costs and lowering maintenance costs.